A few helpful hints

  1. Do not use glue to hold your door together. You may end up with a very warped door.
  2. I screwed the doors together screwing through the battens and braced into, but not through, the vertical boards.
  3. Decide how many left and right hanging doors you need. This is important. The brace must support the weight of the door.
  4. To make the door surrounds the builder will need to know the thickness of the door. That is the thickness of the vertical boards and the battens, the types of hinges you intend to use and the door latch. It is a good idea to make a door to show the builder before the door surrounds are made.

The building technique

  1. Screw the template to the floor. The timber should be good and straight and just a little thicker than the vertical boards of the door.
  2. To work out the width of the vertical trim boards lightly clamp the number of boards you intend using in each door EXCLUDING the trim boards each side. Measure the width then unclamp. Subtract this figure from the required finished door width. Divide this figure in two. This gives you the width of the vertical trim boards each side of the door. As you make each door you can trim the board that is placed on the hinge side before assembling. The latch side trim board is left wider and trimmed after assemble.
  3. Select and cut your timber. Three battens per door and one brace all cut to the correct length. The vertical timber lengths should be cut a little longer then the intended door height and trimmed back after assemble.
  4. Decide whether you are making a left or right hanging door and then place all the vertical timber in the template and clamp. The clamp should pull the timber up firm. Do not over clamp.
  5. Place the middle and bottom batten in place and mark the notch to hold the brace. Cut the notch out of the two battens.
  6. Place all the battens and brace in position and mark off the holes for the screws. Bore them off the door.
  7. Screw the top and bottom batten in position.
  8. Place the middle batten and the brace in position and screw into place. By doing the middle batten and the brace together the brace should be firmly positioned in the notches.
  9. Unclamp the door. Turn the door over onto a couple of saw horses and measure and trim the top and latch side of the door to the correct size.
  10. One door done!


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