December 2012

Thumbs-up to Fonterra tanker drivers
Thumbs up to FonterraI cycle as a means to keeping fit. Some people go to the gym, I go cycling. I have a 22km circuit round Horsham Downs, just out of Hamilton city, which I try and do three times a week at a speed of around 26km/hr. That speed and distance will not get me into the "Tour of Southland" but it will give me a health tick.

In recent weeks I have had two scares that have unnerved me somewhat. One, a black 4x4 overtook me on a downhill right hand bend with his horn blaring the whole time and the other a truck and trailer unit overtook me on a narrow country road with oncoming traffic.

Yesterday a Fonterra tanker was coming up behind me with oncoming traffic approaching. He slowed right down and waited for the oncoming traffic to clear before overtaking me at a safe distance. This is very typical of Fonterra drivers and it reminded me that in my many years of cycling, Fonterra drivers have always driven in a safe, courteous manner. With dump truck drivers the same safe, courteous manner is rare.

So a BIG THUMBS-UP to all the Fonterra tanker drivers out there.

September 2010

September and magpie nesting season. For those not in New Zealand our magpies are an introduced species from neighbouring Australia and are considered a pest in that they aggressively attack other birds and destroy their nests and drive them from their territory.

magpie attack The last two bike rides I have been attacked. I can see its nest up in a deciduous tree that is yet to leaf up. The second time I was ready for it. As soon as it took flight into the attack position I slowed the bike and turn round to face it. This put it off and it perched in a nearby tree. I then dismounted to pick up a rock but it flew off to a safer distances. I resumed my ride without incident.

Other years I had a magpie problem on quite a steep hill. I found that coming down the hill at some speed I was swooped on however grinding my way up the hill the magpie would only sit on the fence post and watch me.

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August 2010

The worst of winter is behind us although it is not yet spring. I have managed to get out most weeks at least a couple of times so I have maintained my fitness.

I don't think I will participate in the relay round Taupo. Two reasons, firstly; the thought of trying to get accommodation is daunting and secondly; the cost of entry plus two nights accommodation is significant. If someone needed a rider for their team I would reconsider. It would not take much to get up to speed for a 40km section of the relay as I am doing 34km each time I go out now.

June-July 2010

Refer to Winter Training

May 2010

I have pulled back to only doing the 34km/21miles circuit with the target still three times a week. I am feeling really fit. I have increased my extended bicep curls from 30 to 40 at least twice a day.

The weather is holding up very well for this time of the year. The temperature has definitely dropped with a couple of very light frosts earlier in the month.

February - May 2010

Being very satisfied with my level of fitness I am now on a maintenance training schedule. I am doing 34km/21miles Monday & Friday and 50km/31miles on Wednesday averaging a speed of between 27km/16.7mile to 27.5km/17miles per hour.

... I am thinking of looking for three like minded riders to form a team to enter the "Round Taupo" relay at the end of November.

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