A Gully Restoration Project

This is a "live" project still at the very early stage of being set up so on this page you will be able to follow what we are doing. To follow really closely you can follow the blog we have set up especially for this project.

A brief back ground

In Hamilton, New Zealand, we are very fortunate that we have a city council that has a focus on supporting community intuitive to restore our wilderness areas within the city back to the pre European flora (plants) and fauna (animals). Hamilton has a large number of gully systems which have not been built on because they are too steep or too swampy. The council has published a booklet to encourage community participation.


The gully that we are focusing on is called Mangaiti Park. It is in a new subdivision area in the northern suburbs. The introduced Grey Willows dominate any native flora and the gully edges have been affected by the recent subdivision.

understory plants

There are still native understory plants that survive under the willow canopy.

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